Abby’s Eyes

It’s been awhile since I gave you an update on Abby’s eyes. After numerous doctor appointments, scheduling, and so forth; a date has finally been set for her eye surgery to correct her double-vision in one eye. She’s both nervous and excited for this, as am I! We had her pre-op appointment last week, which […]

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My Little Ballerina

I’m so proud of my little ballerina, otherwise known as Little Miss Rachel! This is her first year doing ballet class and she couldn’t be more excited to finally be going to dance class like the “big girls”. She’s definitely getting into ballet—every now and then I’ll come across her doing “arabesque” and first postion. […]

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A lot of you know that my second-oldest son was an avid drummer—he played the drums from the time he was 10 years old all the way up until he was 18. Then he traded in his¬†tascam dr40¬†for a uniform and joined the US Marine Corps. I will admit that it did break my mama […]

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Almost a year ago, David finally sold his drum-set that had been taking up about half of the front-room for nearly 4 years. This left me with mixed emotions. I was sad that he had decided to give up playing the drums when he was so good at it, but it also pleased me that […]

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Announcing #6!

I feel like a horrible grandmother for not posting this earlier: Life has been so crazy lately that I’m lucky if I have a moment to sit down! But anyways.. I am proud to announce Lilly Evelyn Hatter! Born April 3,2013 at 10:06 am. Weighing 7 lbs 9 oz and measuring 22 in! She was […]

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The 2 Year Old and the iPad

Have you seen those videos of 2 year olds navigating iPads like little pros? As it turns out…I have one of those precocious toddlers that could blow them all away. I swear…she knows more about the iPad than I do. She knows tricks I don’t know! I have actually learned how to do things on […]

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Two Littlest Babies

Aren’t they adorable?

That’s Jose on the left — she’s almost 15 months and the sweetest little peanut. On the left is Carter — he’s 10 weeks old and an absolute angel for his mama. If you look carefully, they’re actually sleeping in the same position, Josie’s arms are just a little longer.
Sigh…Grandma love!

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Welcoming Baby Carter

My oldest daughter and son-in-law just welcomed their third baby recently! Yes…it’s time to think about new dad gifts again. On July 2, Carter Aaron made his grand entrance. He may have been slightly late to the party, but he made up for his tardiness with a 3 hour labor! Go LORA!!!
Let’s not forget to […]

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I’m Surrounded by Knitters!

When I was a teenager, I taught myself to crochet. My mom has always been a knitter, but my grandma (her mom) was a crocheter. We always joked about knitting and crocheting skills skipping a generation because my mom has tried to teach me how to knit on several different occasions and for some reason […]

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Rachel’s Laundry Folding

I’ve noticed that Rachel has a love of hats. So much so, in fact, that she’s willing to improvise just to find something to put on her head. Often if she’s upstairs “helping” the kids fold laundry, she’ll come down with someone’s clean underwear on her head. She seems partial to Isaiah’s Spidey undies or […]

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