Back To The Grind

Been so busy catching up on everything since we returned home from Tennessee a few weeks ago, that I never found time for my blogging! Things are slowly returning to normal around here, with school work to catch up on, dance classes to go to, work schedules to get back to, and all the other […]

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Marine Retail Shopping

Some of you may have heard that my family and I recently took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN for our annual Feast of Tabernacles. Gatlinburg was a tourist-y sort of town and had a LOT of stores, shops, and attractions. During one of our shopping trips, lo and behold I stumbled upon a US Military […]

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Dream Houses

Preparations are in full swing to leave for Tennessee, tomorrow for the Feast of Tabernacles 2013.
A few years ago, we decided that it would be much more practical and comfortable to rent a house for the Feast, instead of staying hotels. I have to say that it is kind of fun choosing nice houses to […]

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Where are my lists when I need them??? The craziness is starting to set in around here, as we prepare to leave for Tennessee, TOMORROW. I have about a million things I absolutely have to get done before tomorrow. Oy. Today and tomorrow are going to be exhausting, I already know it. Wish me luck […]

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Another Driver

I don’t believe I mentioned before that a few weeks ago, Sarah successfully completed a drivers ed course AND successfully passed her permit test! A few days ago, while she and Leonard were up in Madison anyway so she could attend her ballet summer intensive, Leonard decided that then would be as good a time […]

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House Appliances

When you have a large-ish family you’re bound to always have a LOT of appliances. We probably have oh, about 75 + appliances in this house alone (not counting the garage!) It seems as if sometimes all of them are breaking down at the same time! Sometimes I just like to hang out and […]

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Fresh Produce

Don’t you just love this time of year? Fresh berries. Sweet corn. Dozens of fresh zucchini and squash.
Yum. Definitely one of the “ups” of summer is having all the fresh produce right at your disposal. So obviously it’s time to pull out the summer recipes! A few weeks ago I managed to score 75 pounds […]

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Prep For the 4th!

The glorious 4th promises to be a festive one this year! Sarah has been scouring over cookbooks and websites for a red, white, and blue culinary feast and fun crafts for the kids; the kids have been decking out the house in posters, pictures, and flags; and me? I’ve just been sitting back and watching […]

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Summer Baseball

You know it’s summer when you have baseball games and practices nearly every weeknight.
This year, we have FOUR kids doing baseball and softball. Michael, Ruthie, Abby, and for the first time..Isaiah! They are all thoroughly enjoying their summer sport, and I enjoy watching each of them, including Isaiah who reminds me so much of David […]

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Michael’s Laptop

Michael has been saving for nearly 2 months to buy a laptop for himself. After two weeks of steady work at the strawberry farm and combining that with his birthday money, (Definitely not his Morgan silver dollar!) it looks as if he has finally made enough. He’s more than a little excited for this and […]

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