Abby’s Eyes

It’s been awhile since I gave you an update on Abby’s eyes. After numerous doctor appointments, scheduling, and so forth; a date has finally been set for her eye surgery to correct her double-vision in one eye. She’s both nervous and excited for this, as am I! We had her pre-op appointment last week, which […]

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My Little Ballerina

I’m so proud of my little ballerina, otherwise known as Little Miss Rachel! This is her first year doing ballet class and she couldn’t be more excited to finally be going to dance class like the “big girls”. She’s definitely getting into ballet—every now and then I’ll come across her doing “arabesque” and first postion. […]

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Snow, Snow, And More Snow

How could it possibly be March, already??? If you were to look out my window right now, it would certainly not look as if spring is ANYWHERE near us, seeing how we got about another 4 inches of snow just this afternoon and we’ve had extremely cold temperatures all week. SIGH. It looks as if […]

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4-H Members

So much has been going on around here lately, I do believe I neglected to share that I finally broke down and decided to sign the kids up to join our town’s local 4-H group! So far the experience has been nothing but positive—The kids couldn’t be more excited to get to do all sorts […]

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January Thaw

After nearly a week of extremely cold temperatures, we Wisconsin-ers are finally seeing a significant improvement in our weather! Today’s high was a whopping 30 DEGREES! Above zero! Last week, we were seriously seeing temperatures like 30 BELOW zero! So glad that the weather is finally cooperating—I promised the kids that I would take them […]

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My Impala

I’m going on 4 years now owning my own Impala to run my errands around town in. Although we don’t have the best price is here for pumps, I like the way the car runs (the heated seats are pretty nice too 😉 ) One thing I noticed though, that it was definitely NOT built […]

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Bye, David!

Last Sunday, despite numerous flurries of mis-communication and misunderstandings throughout the day, I finally had to put my Marine-boy on an airplane to California.
As you can probably imagine, this past week hasn’t been the greatest week ever. I’ve been dragging through each day and downing coffee like no tomorrow. I know it’s getting better for […]

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Grips Of Winter

As the title suggests, we Wisconsin-ers are, indeed in the grips of winter. I probably shouldn’t be complaining because the weather today actually wasn’t too bad. (a whopping 30 degrees!) But looking ahead to this weeks weather looks downright depressing—I’m seeing highs of 3, 4, 8 for the next three days and lows of -12, […]

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New Counter

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a much-needed new counter! The day before Thanksgiving, a few weeks ago, the menfolk were rough-housing around and somehow the kitchen counter (which had been damaged from the dishwasher and had a small chip out of it) sustained a long craggy crack along the edge. We ordered a […]

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Free Plane Ticket!

I’m a little psyched right now—A few weeks ago, I entered David in a contest called Operation Homefront, that gives 450 active military members a free flight home in December. I was flabbergasted to be scrolling through my email inbox, and came across an email informing me that David had been one of the 450 […]

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