Saving Money

Having a large-ish family usually doesn’t come with a warning label of just how many expenses there will be.
Not complaining at all here. I love my big family and couldn’t imagine life without them.
But have you ever noticed how many hidden expenses come up? Pool trips. Baseball gloves. New shoes. School supplies. The list could […]

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Traveling The Comfortable Way

With all the many road trips this family has taken, you get pretty well accustomed to hotel stays. I could not even name all the many times we’ve pulled up to Quality Inns in the middle of the night, lugged sleepy kids and heavy luggage into the room, collapsed on the beds, and slept for […]

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Exercising In The Fresh Air

It feels so good to get outside in the fresh air to do my workouts now! I’ve never really been one to pull out the extra long yoga mat for a yoga session. But I do enjoy getting out in the summer for nice, long power walks and relaxing bike rides. Of course, exercising is […]

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Feast 2013

I can hardly believe the Feast is only 3 months away. That just sounds so scarily close to me!
We will be heading down to Tennessee this year, in a quaint little mountain city called Gatlinburg. It’s supposedly a very pretty place with lakes, mountains, and forests. I also love the fact that it’s only a […]

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Cooking Up A Storm

As many of you know, David will be coming home on his ten-day leave from Basic Marine Training in just 11 days! After all he’s gone through, and all the food he’s had to miss out on, I’d say he deserves a culinary feast when he arrives! On the cooking list: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Thin […]

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Happy 12-12-12

How cool is this date? I love these neat calendar days. I remember being pregnant around 04/04/04 and missed it by days — my baby was born 04/08/04. I was also pregnant on 06/06/06 and missed that date, too — my baby was born 06/15/06.
Oh well…cool stuff, though!

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Feast Travel

We’ll be traveling again soon…this time heading southeast down to the panhandle of Florida. I’ve flown to Florida before, but never driven. I am looking forward to seeing some southeastern states that I’ve never visited before. Sure…it’s a pipe dream but maybe oak island real estate at could be a pit stop and we […]

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Light Bulb Options

There sure are a lot light bulb options out there these days. Gone are the days when you would hit the store for boring old white light bulbs. Oh no, now you can choose something like a Philips Enduraled bulb.
This bulb design gives off full light using only 12.5 watts of power. How […]

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Wedding Season

It’s wedding season! Do you have any big ones coming up? Our focus this summer has been on graduations and babies…not weddings. These things seem to be cyclical, don’t they? Since we’ve been concentrating on graduations, it seems logical that in a few years, it will be our turn for weddings again.
Anyway, what’s your summer […]

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Leather Furniture

As much as I’d love leather furniture, I’m not willing to risk it with a house full of kids. We don’t have pets, so I wouldn’t have to worry about this type of damage. But, kids are hard on furniture!
I’m sure I’d be searching for leather repair kits and recoloring before too long to remedy […]

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