Grips Of Winter

As the title suggests, we Wisconsin-ers are, indeed in the grips of winter. I probably shouldn’t be complaining because the weather today actually wasn’t too bad. (a whopping 30 degrees!) But looking ahead to this weeks weather looks downright depressing—I’m seeing highs of 3, 4, 8 for the next three days and lows of -12, […]

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New Counter

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a much-needed new counter! The day before Thanksgiving, a few weeks ago, the menfolk were rough-housing around and somehow the kitchen counter (which had been damaged from the dishwasher and had a small chip out of it) sustained a long craggy crack along the edge. We ordered a […]

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Leave Time

It’s been nearly a week of David being home on leave! It seemed like it would be forever til I wrapped my arms around him, but already a week of him being home has passed by! I believe that he has been thoroughly enjoying himself and I hope that this coming week will go by […]

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