Dream Houses

Preparations are in full swing to leave for Tennessee, tomorrow for the Feast of Tabernacles 2013.

A few years ago, we decided that it would be much more practical and comfortable to rent a house for the Feast, instead of staying hotels. I have to say that it is kind of fun choosing nice houses to stay in. We’ve actually gotten some pretty nice ones to stay in over the past few years. Nothing super fancy like stairlifts, but really nice places for us. Last year, we got a pretty basic beach house in Florida that turned out pretty nice—Not TOO nice, mind you, because of all the rambunctious kids. But it was really enjoyable to stay in. Now, the year before that we got a little more of a ¬†fancy house. The kind of house that *ahem*…kids might not do so well in…It was a really nice house, but we did have a few “accidents” involving a few dropped dishes and a broken lamp. I really did like that house, though. Definitely my kind of place to live, just with all the charm it had, from the Parisian decor, to the brick-covered exterior.

This year, we will be going to the mountains in Tennessee and we’re going to be renting a large log cabin to stay in….It looks like a pretty big place with plenty for the kids to do: A game room with pool, air hockey, and other games, and also a hot tub for the adults. Should be fun for everyone!

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