Traveling The Comfortable Way

With all the many road trips this family has taken, you get pretty well accustomed to hotel stays. I could not even name all the many times we’ve pulled up to Quality Inns in the middle of the night, lugged sleepy kids and heavy luggage into the room, collapsed on the beds, and slept for 8 hours straight.
A lot of the time we have to make do with pretty basic hotel rooms with only two queen-sized beds, a microwave, and a bathroom; but occasionally we will splurge on a nicer hotel room. (No, nothing too extravagant like new zealand hotels) But still, ones with pretty nice amenities such as free meals, kitchenettes, pools and spa, or fantastic room views.
Sometimes it’s hard to leave such nice hotels, just to get back into the car for another whole day of driving!
The worst part of leaving hotels for us, would have to be packing EVERYTHING back up again. You would be amazed at how many things just get quickly scattered out all over the small hotel room and get lost or misplaced. That is definitely the part that takes the longest! Finding every single last little trinket or toy that the kids somehow manage to sneak in! 😉
Staying in nice hotels definitely is one of the up-sides to road trips, though. Sometimes it’s just nice to step into a nice, clean room and relax on the bed for a couple of hours before hopping back into the car. It just makes being away from home for extended times a little easier and less stressful for both the adults and the kids!

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