Traveling The Comfortable Way

With all the many road trips this family has taken, you get pretty well accustomed to hotel stays. I could not even name all the many times we’ve pulled up to Quality Inns in the middle of the night, lugged sleepy kids and heavy luggage into the room, collapsed on the beds, and slept for […]

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Another Driver

I don’t believe I mentioned before that a few weeks ago, Sarah successfully completed a drivers ed course AND successfully passed her permit test! A few days ago, while she and Leonard were up in Madison anyway so she could attend her ballet summer intensive, Leonard decided that then would be as good a time […]

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House Appliances

When you have a large-ish family you’re bound to always have a LOT of appliances. We probably have oh, about 75 + appliances in this house alone (not counting the garage!) It seems as if sometimes all of them are breaking down at the same time! Sometimes I just like to hang out and […]

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Fresh Produce

Don’t you just love this time of year? Fresh berries. Sweet corn. Dozens of fresh zucchini and squash.
Yum. Definitely one of the “ups” of summer is having all the fresh produce right at your disposal. So obviously it’s time to pull out the summer recipes! A few weeks ago I managed to score 75 pounds […]

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