Prep For the 4th!

The glorious 4th promises to be a festive one this year! Sarah has been scouring over cookbooks and websites for a red, white, and blue culinary feast and fun crafts for the kids; the kids have been decking out the house in posters, pictures, and flags; and me? I’ve just been sitting back and watching […]

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Exercising In The Fresh Air

It feels so good to get outside in the fresh air to do my workouts now! I’ve never really been one to pull out the extra long yoga mat for a yoga session. But I do enjoy getting out in the summer for nice, long power walks and relaxing bike rides. Of course, exercising is […]

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Feast 2013

I can hardly believe the Feast is only 3 months away. That just sounds so scarily close to me!
We will be heading down to Tennessee this year, in a quaint little mountain city called Gatlinburg. It’s supposedly a very pretty place with lakes, mountains, and forests. I also love the fact that it’s only a […]

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Summer Baseball

You know it’s summer when you have baseball games and practices nearly every weeknight.
This year, we have FOUR kids doing baseball and softball. Michael, Ruthie, Abby, and for the first time..Isaiah! They are all thoroughly enjoying their summer sport, and I enjoy watching each of them, including Isaiah who reminds me so much of David […]

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Michael’s Laptop

Michael has been saving for nearly 2 months to buy a laptop for himself. After two weeks of steady work at the strawberry farm and combining that with his birthday money, (Definitely not his Morgan silver dollar!) it looks as if he has finally made enough. He’s more than a little excited for this and […]

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Garden Is In!

We did the annual garden planting nearly two weeks ago and already I can see little sprouts shooting up! We have been getting a pretty steady amount of rain which caused everything to shoot up! (Including weeds) The only thing we lost was 3 eggplant plants when we had a frost last week. But otherwise, […]

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Hello, Summer!

Summer is pretty much in full swing around here! The kids have baseball practices nearly every night, the weather has been pretty decent, AND tomorrow begins our last week of school! Of course, I definitely do not want this entire school year to go to waste, so I have already purchased a few summer schoolwork […]

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