Time is finally starting to move faster! David will be arriving home in less than a week, and the whole gang is coming to stay here for a few days. Thankfully, Sarah is in charge of all the meals so that lifts a weight off my shoulders..But still, all this happening in less than a […]

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Online Shopping For Mom

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the annually asked question arises–What to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Well, no fear with all the great websites that sell everything your mom could ever want with great prices! Websites such as TJ Maxx, JC Penny’s, and Macy’s offer affordable jewelry, flower bouquets, home decor, soaps, candles, and so […]

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Finally Spring!

It’s about time the sun decided to show it’s face! After a week of nothing but rain, rain, and more rain; the sun is a welcome sight! Soon it’s going to be time to start thinking about putting in the vegetable garden, cleaning up the yard..Let the work begin!

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Computers play a big part in my family’s life. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many computers we have owned, sold, and currently own. Naturally, with all those computers there are repairs that have to be made. Sometimes it seems as if those computer problems never end and we’re constantly having to get […]

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Cooking Up A Storm

As many of you know, David will be coming home on his ten-day leave from Basic Marine Training in just 11 days! After all he’s gone through, and all the food he’s had to miss out on, I’d say he deserves a culinary feast when he arrives! On the cooking list: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Thin […]

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Letter Writing

I don’t believe I’ve ever written so many letters in my life in the 65 days that David has been gone. I have not missed a day of letter writing so far.
One thing I’ve been doing is enclosing stamped postcards for David to send out. I figured it would be easier for him to […]

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Happy Holy Days!

Well, with today coming to a close, we close another spring holy day season. It’s been a challenging one, with wintry weather and lots of work in a short time, but we made it through.
Sarah did wonderful work in the kitchen, as usual, and we enjoyed wonderful food throughout the week-long festival.

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