Bed Swap

Let me tell you a little story about sleeping quarters for a family with seven kids in the house. It’s a challenge, let me tell you. At least I don’t have to throw in memory foam pet beds to the mix…it could always be worse!

Anyway, we have one small bedroom with a double bunk bed. We have another larger bedroom with a triple bunk bed and a toddler bed. We have a third bedroom with a loft bed. All of these beds were made by my Dad about eight years ago and they have been SUCH a blessing to us!

Recently we did a bed swap, which was quite exciting for the kids. David went into the solo bedroom with the loft. Sarah and Ruthie are in the double bunkbed together in the one small bedroom (this didn’t change). Michael, Abby and Zay are in the triple bunk and Rachel is in the toddler bed.

Once David is through boot camp, comes home for his furlough and then goes off for infantry training, we will probably do another swap to get all the girls together in the triple, the boys together in the double and I’m thinking Sarah will move up to the single loft.

Never boring!

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