Family Band

We have plenty of little performers in our house. Not that we need to save on stage lights or anything, but they would certainly appreciate the spotlight, I’m sure.
From flute to piano to guitar to trumpet to drums…we practically have a complete band. Someday if we get them all together to make music, we’ll have […]

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Dinner with David

I had the pleasure of my son, David’s, company last night for dinner. We had a nice meal together and spend the time talking about the adventure is on the brink of. I’m proud to say that I was able to set aside my inner turmoil and emotional instability for that brief time with him […]

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Weekend Events

So, tonight David plans to spend a final evening with friends. Tomorrow night, he will spend a final evening with his girlfriend. Sunday, we will take him to the recruiter’s office by 1 pm. He will spend the night in Milwaukee and fly out the next day to San Diego.
I think I could really use […]

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Final Countdown

We are in the final countdown to the date that we say goodbye to David as he leaves for Marine boot camp.
He is scheduled to be at the recruiter’s office on Sunday 1/27 with a ship date of 1/28.
I saw an interesting comparison the other day that fits this for me. The family […]

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Bed Swap

Let me tell you a little story about sleeping quarters for a family with seven kids in the house. It’s a challenge, let me tell you. At least I don’t have to throw in memory foam pet beds to the mix…it could always be worse!
Anyway, we have one small bedroom with a double bunk bed. […]

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Ship Date Update

I can hardly believe that I’m going to tell you this, but David’s ship date has been changed yet again! We were counting down to 1/22 for shipping to San Diego, but now it has been pushed back to 1/28. David says it’s “guaranteed” now, but I’m having a hard time believing that. Anyway, if […]

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