Innovative Garden Ideas

I love walking along the sidewalk and gawking at other people’s yards…I’m so nosy! But, you can get some really great ideas by looking at other people’s gardens.
For instance…have you ever seen a bathtub in someone’s yard? I have…
I’ve seen people use vintage tubs as planters! The effect is both innovative, rustic and imaginative. […]

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Waiting on David

David is back at MEPS today…and we are waiting for the final word on when…and if…he will be leaving.
To say my stomach is in knots would be an understatement.
By the end of today, we should know what is going to happen and when.
Stay tuned!

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Drumming Days

We are now a drumless home for the first time in a good many years. My second oldest son sold his extensive drum set several months ago, in preparation of joining the Marines.
As loud as the drums were and as much as they rattled my brain, a part of me was sad to see him […]

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Happy 12-12-12

How cool is this date? I love these neat calendar days. I remember being pregnant around 04/04/04 and missed it by days — my baby was born 04/08/04. I was also pregnant on 06/06/06 and missed that date, too — my baby was born 06/15/06.
Oh well…cool stuff, though!

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What Season is it Anyway?

We here in Wisconsin have been enjoying…spring? The calendar says it’s now December, but our weather has been nothing but pleasantly warm and sunny. With highs over 60 and lows in the 40s, the kids have been running and romping around outdoors like it’s spring or summer.
I think I’ll need a one of those event […]

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Flexibility is Key

As I may have told you, we are not a family with a rich and long military tradition. There are a few uncles here and there who served and my father-in-law was in the military many, many years ago, but nothing in recent history.
So…we are learning as we navigate this new process. David’s ship date […]

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