Fall Crafting

It’s almost that time of the year. My kids love Thanksgiving and the anticipation of this holiday. They usually spend the entire month of November crafting a bunch of autumn and fall craft items to decorate the house. It’s amazing the things they use for crafting. I’ve even seen dowel pins put to good use. […]

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New Office

We’ve been doing lots of reorganizing and shifting around in our house. We cleaned out the spare bedroom with plans of moving a kid into that room very soon. We also shifted the kid’s hangout room — the room with the television and the toys — to the front room. This will keep them from […]

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Back to the Grind

Yep — it’s back to the old grind after about a month off for Feast of Tabernacles preparation, activities and then aftermath. It’s been quite a month of excitement and anticipation for our family. And now…Monday we are back to work again at full throttle to make up for some lost time.
Speaking of lost time […]

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Home Sweet Home

After about 17 days gone, we arrived back home from Florida last Monday afternoon. Navarre Beach was beautiful. Lovely beaches, nice beach house, fishing, swimming, beach play, local attractions…it was a nice area to visit.
The drives to and from…not so nice, as you might imagine. We made it though and are now back home and […]

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