One Week Down…

Well…we have one week of school under our belts. I’m happy to say that it actually went better than I feared. Everyone is excited about the new school year and we have kids happily learning.

Sarah is doing another big year — she’s concentrating on a literature-based unit study that will include literature, history and English. She’s also supplementing another English course and another history course. She’s also doing Algebra.

Michael is enjoying a big year as he moves up into the higher coursework of junior high. He’s doing an Apologia science course and he’s finally done with the elementary spelling and handwriting courses. He’s feeling like he’s arrived!

Ruthie is right behind Michael breathing down his neck hard. She’s got one more year to finish up in the elementary level and then she’ll be moving on too.

Abby is excelling in third grade, proving her math abilities and her strong reading skills.

Isaiah is loving first grade so far! I’m really happy with his progress so far and I love that he loves it!

Rachel…well…what can I say? She’s a constant blur as she moves from one thing to the next. She’ll be a challenge to keep under tabs as we move through the school year!

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