Final Count Down

Final count down to Feast 2012 is here. We leave next Thursday night, so things are ramping up in this household. This weekend we have a ballet open house at the new school the girls will be attending this year here in town.
Then, looking ahead to next week, we have appointments on Monday, shopping […]

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New Toy

You know me…I love gadgets. That’s why when my HTC Desire started funking out on me…I wasn’t heartbroken. In fact, I’ve never been in love with that phone. It’s limited internal storage has been the bane of my cellphone use for years.
But…See what I got this week! I’m a happy mama! The Samsung Galaxy S3 […]

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Trumpet Progress

I like to do everything I can to encourage my kids in their musical pursuits. Yesterday, Michael was trying to practice a trumpet solo he’s working on. He decided that he wanted to make it a little fancier, so I rewrote parts of it for him. I would love to hear him practice it and […]

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A Week of Running

So starts a week of running around here and there to get errands done before we leave. Today, we were up in Madison at a doctor’s appointment and then at Sarah’s ballet. Tomorrow, we’ll be traveling to stock up on cheese and I have a hair appointment. Thursday, we’ll be back in Madison taking care […]

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Feast Travel

We’ll be traveling again soon…this time heading southeast down to the panhandle of Florida. I’ve flown to Florida before, but never driven. I am looking forward to seeing some southeastern states that I’ve never visited before. Sure…it’s a pipe dream but maybe oak island real estate at could be a pit stop and we […]

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The 2 Year Old and the iPad

Have you seen those videos of 2 year olds navigating iPads like little pros? As it turns out…I have one of those precocious toddlers that could blow them all away. I swear…she knows more about the iPad than I do. She knows tricks I don’t know! I have actually learned how to do things on […]

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Light Bulb Options

There sure are a lot light bulb options out there these days. Gone are the days when you would hit the store for boring old white light bulbs. Oh no, now you can choose something like a Philips Enduraled bulb.
This bulb design gives off full light using only 12.5 watts of power. How […]

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Two Littlest Babies

Aren’t they adorable?

That’s Jose on the left — she’s almost 15 months and the sweetest little peanut. On the left is Carter — he’s 10 weeks old and an absolute angel for his mama. If you look carefully, they’re actually sleeping in the same position, Josie’s arms are just a little longer.
Sigh…Grandma love!

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Finding a Rental in Florida

We are in the midst of negotiating a rental house in Florida for our trip down there in a few weeks. We need a home that will sleep at least 12 people to house all of us — Daniel and Jessica, their kids and all of us. I just happily found out that David will […]

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One Week Down…

Well…we have one week of school under our belts. I’m happy to say that it actually went better than I feared. Everyone is excited about the new school year and we have kids happily learning.
Sarah is doing another big year — she’s concentrating on a literature-based unit study that will include literature, history and […]

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