Wedding Season

It’s wedding season! Do you have any big ones coming up? Our focus this summer has been on graduations and babies…not weddings. These things seem to be cyclical, don’t they? Since we’ve been concentrating on graduations, it seems logical that in a few years, it will be our turn for weddings again.

Anyway, what’s your summer season been like? Big wedding doings? I do love a big wedding…there’s just nothing like it.

It’s always fun to see the innovative wedding planned and orchestrated by the couple. There’s so much variation in style, taste and decor that no two weddings will ever be the same. I also like the way that couples today have free license to plan their special day strictly according to their own individual desires and taste. The rules are changing and it’s not as strict as it once was.

I hate to say it…but…”back in the day…” things were different. When I planned my wedding there were RULES. And you didn’t break them. It just wasn’t done.

I’d love to be a bride now…I’d have a blast planning my wedding!

So…have you attended any neat weddings lately? Tell me about them! I’d love to hear all the details!


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