Wedding Season

It’s wedding season! Do you have any big ones coming up? Our focus this summer has been on graduations and babies…not weddings. These things seem to be cyclical, don’t they? Since we’ve been concentrating on graduations, it seems logical that in a few years, it will be our turn for weddings again.
Anyway, what’s your summer […]

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Leather Furniture

As much as I’d love leather furniture, I’m not willing to risk it with a house full of kids. We don’t have pets, so I wouldn’t have to worry about this type of damage. But, kids are hard on furniture!
I’m sure I’d be searching for leather repair kits and recoloring before too long to remedy […]

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Happy Birthday to My Dad!

Wow — August 2nd has come and gone already! My dad just celebrated 71 years yesterday. According to my mom, he celebrated by taking some time to learn his new iPad. That should be fun! I’m guessing he also celebrated with a warm bike ride — just what he likes best!
Anyway…if you’re reading Dad…happy birthday […]

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