Bluetooth Accessories

I admit that I was a bluetooth accessory freak when those cute little headsets first came out. Yep…had one. Yep…walked around like I was talking to myself. I’m not sure if it was a Chatterbox X1, or not…that was several years ago.
I have since switched back to just my plain old phone…it’s simpler and easier […]

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My Ballerina…

Well…Sarah is definitely setting ballet as her priority. We have her final dance schedule for this year and it includes dance four out of seven nights. On Monday, she will begin working as a teaching assistant for a class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she is adding dance classes up in Madison. This is a significant […]

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Looking Forward to…

…Labor Day Weekend!
We just recently found out that our wee ones from Topeka will be coming north to visit Grammie and Pops! Can’t wait — as you might imagine, it’s a pretty special thing to anticipate finally meeting a certain Mr. Carter who was born in July.
Schedules being what they are, it has been […]

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Time to Think School!

This week was school organization week in our household. The annual shift from putting away old school books and getting out the new year’s school book…always an overwhelming and challenging proposition, as you might imagine.
This year, we will be teaching…drumroll please…
FIVE students!!
Here is the breakdown:

Isaiah — 1st grade
Abby — 3rd grade
Ruthie — 6th grade
Michael — […]

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Waning Summer

It’s crazy how fast this summer has gone — I can’t believe we’re at August 9 already. The garden is definitely showing signs of late summer. We’re seeing back to school sales everywhere — nothing for motorcycle helmets, but honestly…everything else!
I’m not ready for summer to be over…it’s gone too fast. It seems like we […]

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Congratulations, Sarah!

15 year old Sarah just finished an intense Red Cross class in training to become a lifeguard next summer. The class involved CPR certification as well as general lifeguard training and preparation. She took both written and hands-on tests at the end and passed with flying colors!
I think she was a little overwhelmed with the […]

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Wedding Season

It’s wedding season! Do you have any big ones coming up? Our focus this summer has been on graduations and babies…not weddings. These things seem to be cyclical, don’t they? Since we’ve been concentrating on graduations, it seems logical that in a few years, it will be our turn for weddings again.
Anyway, what’s your summer […]

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Leather Furniture

As much as I’d love leather furniture, I’m not willing to risk it with a house full of kids. We don’t have pets, so I wouldn’t have to worry about this type of damage. But, kids are hard on furniture!
I’m sure I’d be searching for leather repair kits and recoloring before too long to remedy […]

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Happy Birthday to My Dad!

Wow — August 2nd has come and gone already! My dad just celebrated 71 years yesterday. According to my mom, he celebrated by taking some time to learn his new iPad. That should be fun! I’m guessing he also celebrated with a warm bike ride — just what he likes best!
Anyway…if you’re reading Dad…happy birthday […]

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