Summer Update

It continues to be one of the driest summers on record all over the place, Wisconsin included. As you drive down the country roads, the corn fields are gone — just dried up rows of cornstalks that never tassled at all. Just heartbreaking.

Lawns are brown and brittle — they crunch when you walk on them. We are watering the garden…for what good it does. The plants know the difference between municipal water and rain and they don’t grow. The extreme heat is also wreaking havoc on many veggies.

Two nights ago, a storm blew in. When I say “blew,” I really mean it. We had about two hours of strong winds before getting any rain. We were thinking that the rain was going to go around us again…but finally it came. We had a good soaking rain that lasted for a couple of hours.

The next day, I swear my pepper plants were about four inches higher!

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