Babywearing Basics

My youngest son — born five weeks early — gave me a new perspective in parenting…BABYWEARING.

Baby slings and wraps are an intimate way to travel with and support your baby. Check out the wraps that this site has to offer!

These top baby slings may be just what you and your little velcro baby need.

When you have a baby that craves the closeness of a parent’s body, wearing your baby in a sling or a wrap can be an ideal way to foster this closeness and give you baby the security and love needed to begin life.

My son spend the first six months of his life stuck to my, wrapped snugly in a woven wrap. He napped there, nursed there and just hung out there. Thankfully, he was little enough that this wasn’t a hard thing for me to do.

Here’s something interesting, though. When my daughter was born almost two years ago, I assumed she would be the same way and prepared to wear her like I did her older brother. Well…surprise! She wanted none of it! Nope — absolutely SCREAMED when I tried wearing her. Oh well…those lovely slings and wraps I bought in preparation for her birth were passed on to moms who would use them. No harm done! Every baby is different!

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