Babywearing Basics

My youngest son — born five weeks early — gave me a new perspective in parenting…BABYWEARING.
Baby slings and wraps are an intimate way to travel with and support your baby. Check out the wraps that this site has to offer!
These top baby slings may be just what you and your little velcro baby need.
When you […]

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Party Success!

We had a lovely turnout for our party last Sunday. Even though it was Father’s Day, many people came to wish David luck in his future endeavors. It was a beautiful day and everything couldn’t have turned out better, really.
The chicken pox is all but gone and we are all on the mend now. Do […]

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Graduation Festivities

Onward to the graduation party! We are five days out…and…I’m still sane! I know! Crazy, isn’t it? My to-do list is not driving me insane and I’m getting everything done. I really hope that David enjoys his party and that lots and lots of family stop by to wish him well. He doesn’t need anything […]

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Sharing David’s Graduation Slideshow

Thought you might want to see the slideshow we’ll be displaying at David’s party.

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Shopping Assistance

Have you noticed that most men need a little help in the area of women’s anniversary gifts? I typically have no problem figuring out what to buy my hubby for birthdays and anniversaries. He usually has no clue what to buy me. Why is this? Is he just not paying attention to the many clues […]

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New Backyard Patio

One of the unofficial plans I have for this summer is creating a new backyard patio for the family to use. We have two tables with umbrellas sitting outside in our sideyard. This is where we sit when we eat outside. It’s on the side of the house where we have some privacy…so it’s a […]

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Planning for the Future

This is one of those subjects that no one likes to think about or discuss…but it really is important to think and plan for the future. Yes…I’m talking about funeral planning. I know…the thought of using a funeral planning worksheet to plan your funeral may give you the heebie jeebies. But…when you think about it…you […]

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Pandora Bracelets

A few years ago, when Pandora bracelets were all the rage, I bought one for myself. The beauty of these bracelets is that you buy the pandora beads separately so you essentially create a different bracelet every time you wear it. The beads come in different colors and styles so you can mix and match […]

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Graduation weekend

The much anticipated weekend is finally here. David walks the graduation walk tomorrow at 2 pm. I can hardly believe that he’s all grown up. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was chasing around two little boys with so much energy…now they’re both all grown up.
The day promises to be […]

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