Family Update

Wow — it’s been way too long since I updated! Lots going on!

One week ago, we were up to our eyeballs in dance recital preparations. All three older girls — Sarah, Ruth and Abby — were working hard to prepare for the big weekend. Although it was SOOOOO hot in the auditoria, the girls did a splendid job and it was a very nice show. Another year is finished! I can’t believe it!

We have also celebrated two significant milestones lately. First, Michael has officially entered his TEENS! Yes, we now have three teens in the house. That is a personal best so far! He celebrated with Legos and was a very happy boy!

Also, Daniel quietly turned 21 this past week. I can hardly believe my first baby boy is officially grown up now…although he’s been pulling the load of a full grown man for several years now.

In other news, Lora (in Topeka), is slowly but surely marching her way to full-term status with her third baby. She is now 35 weeks and beginning to dilate. This probably doesn’t mean anything with her though, as she walked around at 4 cm with her 2nd baby for about a month! We are looking forward to welcoming little Carter into the world soon, though!

Michael, Ruth and Abby are all beginning practices for ball season, which gets underway very soon. We are excited to watch them play ball this summer. This will be Michael’s first year in Pony League and he is very eager to play.

Isaiah is working hard on learning to ride his bike. He has been a little timid thus far and was afraid of falling. He’s now starting to overcome that and his little goal is to get his training wheels off some time this summer. He will be turning SIX in about three weeks! Yikes!

Rachel is also working hard at…everything! This girl never stops and she is determined to stay busy at something every minute of the day, it seems. She is now starting to put simple sentences together and she has a little sense of humor! It’s funny! She will be turning TWO in July.

Sarah has a summer of ballet planned and she couldn’t be happier. She’s got a local pointe class she will be taking once a week and she will also be participating in a summer intensive program with a ballet company up in Madison. I can hardly believe that she’s worn out her first pair of pointe shoes already!

Sarah and Michael are also planning to work at a local organic farm this summer. This will be Sarah’s second summer and Michael’s first. David will work at the community pool — this will be his third and final summer as a lifeguard. I’m eager for them to have a great summer working.

Last…but not least…my David. Next weekend we will be watching him take the graduation walk. He’s on the honor roll, so we are very proud of him. He passed his senior project with huge success so at this point he’s just waiting to graduate. We will be throwing his graduation party on June 17. THEN…we only have a few months more until we put him on an airplane to San Diego where he starts basic training with the Marines.

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