Credit Cards Online

I got distracted a few months ago, but up until then, I was planning on creating a website for marketing and selling my homemade jewelry. I got very busy in January, starting to design and make some new pieces.

I was even to the point where I needed to figure out the whole process of accepting credit cards to sell my jewelry.

This is actually not a small matter. You need to set up a website in a very specific way to ensure that it’s secure for collecting credit card information from customers. You can’t afford to make mistakes in this because you will responsible for your customer’s financial data.

Have you ever done any reading about using or taking credit cards online? There is a lot of regulation in place to ensure that the consumer stays protected from crimes that could put them at risk for monetary or identity theft.

At the time that I was researching this, I was not prepared to handle this effectively and take credit cards online. Of course, you could take a short cut and use some sort of merchant website that handles it for you. That might be the best solution for someone like me.

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