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My allergies are just out of this world this season. I usually do not get too bothered by pollen, and just manage through with little complaining. This season, however, my whole body seems to be in allergic reaction mode. Of course, the world is currently covered in a thick, yellow blanket of […]

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Drum Sets

Have you heard of the DW brand of drums? Ordinarily, you might think that I would have no special knowledge about these musical instruments…BUT…you would be wrong! I have a young drummer who lives with me and I have learned many things through the years by being David’s mom. We are on our second drum […]

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Home Car Lot

My hubby sure has his hands full right now. One thing led to another and he now has five cars sitting in our driveway that he needs to fix up and sell. The things they need vary from a bunch of little items on up to a transmission on at least one. yes, he’s getting […]

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Sarah’s Dance Class

Sarah had a scary episode at dance class last week. All of a sudden in the middle of class, she was overcome by a dizzy attack and she couldn’t continue. Her teacher told me that it was the scariest thing to witness to see Sarah all of a sudden just swoon in the middle of […]

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Cleaning the Blinds

I was just looking at my windows with a critical eye this week. I think…although I hate to say it…that it’s time to pull all the blinds down and scrub them. I detest this job — it involves one of two things: either hosing them off outside or scrubbing them in the bathtub. It’s […]

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Another Graduation

Have I mentioned that we are gearing up for another big graduation? David is in the final seven weeks of his senior year of high school. I can hardly believe I’m writing that! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday he was scooting around the floor trying to keep up with his […]

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Happiness Is…

Watching my almost 10-month-old granddaughter barrel her way into the world of the walking. She’s always been a determined little person, from the beginning showing us signs that she was going to take after her daddy. In the space of one week she went from taking two or three tentative steps to going 10 or […]

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Zumba Dancing With PS3

Like working out in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Have trouble keeping your at-home workouts exciting and motivating? Here is the answer you’ve been looking for! Check out Zumba Fitness for PS3!
Get ready to dance your way to hot fitness and better health!
Zumba Fitness has nine different dance styles, including […]

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Jogging Strollers

If you and your baby are out for frequent treks over all kinds of terrain, you ow it to both of you to check out the bumbleride indie for strolling with your little one.
Once I experienced the look and feel of jogging strollers several years ago, I never went back to the standard strollers for […]

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Isn’t it weird how much stuff you can download from the Internet nowadays? Websites like pay per download are hugely successful because people like you and me have become so accustomed to downloading things onto our computers that we seem to prefer it.
Movies, books, games, music, information…the list is exhaustive. Just about anything you […]

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