Home Safety

We are so blessed to live in a quiet, little town. Although times are changing slowly, our town is still so much more pleasant and SAFE than many other areas and cities people have to live. For example, we honestly have no need of one of those wireless home security systems. We just don’t have that type of crime here. We have the odd teenage pranks and mischief…but really, that’s pretty much it.

It will be a sad, sad day when people in our little city need security systems to keep their homes and property safe.

Kind of like I feel about my parents’ neighborhood — the neighborhood in which I grew up. Unfortunately, this quiet little neighborhood is just too close to a bad part of town and the crime has finally infiltrated through the nicer neighborhoods, changing everything for the worse. Gone are the days of even leaving their garage door open while they are home! So sad! Part of me wishes they would move and another part of me would be devastated if they did.

Ah…time marches on, doesn’t it? Nothing can stay the same and the easier we accept this the easier life will be. There’s my wisdom for the day!

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