Happy April!

I can’t believe April begins tomorrow! It’s been a long winter and I’m really ready for spring…even though this spring promises to be a crazy one with a high school senior in the house preparing for graduation. He’s got a senior project to finish, baseball season is just beginning and we’ll be busy planning his […]

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Home Safety

We are so blessed to live in a quiet, little town. Although times are changing slowly, our town is still so much more pleasant and SAFE than many other areas and cities people have to live. For example, we honestly have no need of one of those wireless home security systems. We just don’t have […]

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Onward to…Summer???

Somehow I must have missed a season somewhere….either it was winter and we jumped right into spring several months ago or spring has gone missing. Anyway, the bottom line is that we have jumped straight into summer this week.
Temperatures have climbed well into the eighties and there is even a hint of humidity in […]

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Perfume Challenges

Once upon a time, my dear husband bought me a bottle of expensive perfume. This was probably 15 years ago at least. I wore it faithfully, because HE bought it for me. Soon, it became my signature scent.
THEN…a very sad thing happened.
People’s sensitivities to synthetic scents became so strong that I could not longer, […]

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Bracing for Mud

I have overheard my husband commenting on the mud situation in our yard now several times. It seems, in his opinion, that this year is the worst year we’ve ever had for mud in the yard. I’m sure it’s because the ground never seemed to truly freeze and it’s been warm enough that the kids […]

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