My Son…the Marine!

Well, David always walked a different road. From the start, with a brother two years older than him, he set about trying to keep up with Daniel, yet he always wanted to do things DIFFERENTLY than Daniel did them. He has always been a scrapper, too, ready and willing to tousle for his principles.
Last […]

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Trade Shows

In the back of my mind, I have a lot of ideas on ways to market and sell handmade jewelry that I want to make. I think at least some of my items would sell over the Internet, but it would be nice to sell items personally also where people can have a chance to […]

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Banner Day

What a day we’ve had today!
For starters, David took and passed his driver’s exam first thing this morning.
Then, I happened upon a much-needed windfall from a neighbor who provided us with something that we really needed. It was such a blessing!
Third, we found out that Lora and Chad will be having a BOY this […]

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