A New Driver

Time to take the plunge — we have another driver in the family and he will need insurance. Literally, as I write this, hubby is on the phone calling around and trying to get the best car insurance rates for David. As we all know, insurance companies consider young male drivers a sizable risk and set their premiums accordingly. No, it won’t be fun to pay those premiums…but I don’t think David cares much right now. He’s too excited!

In the insurance rate search, wouldn’t it be nice to shrink your search span by focusing only on those companies that offer motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates? We all want to save money…especially young people who usually have a limited amount of it. Why not simplify things and focus only on the companies that will provide coverage you can afford?

Now…after we find him high quality and affordable rates, we need to keep him driving safely and sensibly while he gains driving experience. This is one time when he need NOT travel in his older brother’s tire tracks and have an accident that totals his car about two months after getting his license. I have high hopes for David and this new chapter in his life.

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  1. “I have high hopes for David and this new chapter in his life.” Hmmmm, you must have known I would be stopping by this week and thinking about finally ending my super long sabbatical in Chicago….

    So hey!!! Man, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Your old blogging pal Dave Rosenthal making an appearance. I was doing a search for an affiliate program of a particular powered toothbrush and something about “family” (or maybe it was “eight”) came up and I thought of you.

    So yeah! Here you are. Still blogging away. Wow, can you believe we started our things in the summer of 2007! Tempus Fugit indeed. I see G dropped you down to a PR2 too. Yeah, they got me (probably for not having no-follow on my aff links) a couple of years ago and the poor blog never recovered. But I still manage to get an article on there once a month (or 2). I’m gonna say a little something about a certain Monkee in the next day or so.

    Alrighty, I guess that’s it. Just wanted to say hello and wish you and yours some positive words-guess it’s a little late for “Happy New Year.” And…what else…well, I’m out here-still making dough on the internet (and phones, phones, phones). Maybe this year I’ll start teaching assorted family…

  2. admin

    Dave!!!!! It’s so good to hear from you! I was thinking of you about a month ago and I visited your blog. But yeah…it was a ghost town. I was bummed, thinking I had lost touch with you.

    It seems so funny to think about how much time has gone by since we were hitting it hard on the blogs. I’m still blogging on the side for a little mad money. I also got into writing for content farms…but I’m sure you know all about G’s pandacizing and shutting them down. So…I’m trekking down a new road and I’m working from home as an administrator for an editing company.

    So glad to hear that you’re still around and kicking! I’ll drop in on your blog to see what’s new in Rosenthal’s world. That’ll be a great read!

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