Electronic Cigarettes

I’m not a smoker and I can’t imagine being one…but I know there are many people who continue to engage in this activity.

It’s becoming more difficult to smoke in public. Many municipalities have ordinances that disallow smoking in restaurants, bars and basically any other public area. Many employers do not allow their employees to smoke on the premises. It seems like your only option is to puff away in the privacy of your own home.

There is another option, however.

BluCigs are electronic cigarettes. These special cigarettes are a smokeless, odorless option for smokers. They are not traditional cigarettes — they do not burn tobacco. this means you can smoke them in bars, restaurants, airplanes, offices — basically any place where normal smoking bans prevent you from smoking. The electronic cigarettes give off an odorless vapor that simply goes away in several seconds. This means that it does not hang in the air like cigarette smoke.

To be safe, you should check with the management of your location before using electronic cigarettes. It’s common for them to be mistaken for tobacco cigarettes and you don’t want to get in trouble. You should be able to use them just about anywhere, though.

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