A New Driver

Time to take the plunge — we have another driver in the family and he will need insurance. Literally, as I write this, hubby is on the phone calling around and trying to get the best car insurance rates for David. As we all know, insurance companies consider young male drivers a sizable risk and […]

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I’m Surrounded by Knitters!

When I was a teenager, I taught myself to crochet. My mom has always been a knitter, but my grandma (her mom) was a crocheter. We always joked about knitting and crocheting skills skipping a generation because my mom has tried to teach me how to knit on several different occasions and for some reason […]

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Spanish Translation

We’ve traveled to the southwest portion of the U.S. on many occasions. It’s always kind of a culture shock while we’re down there because of the deep Mexican influence. Being from the upper midwest, we are not used to quite so much Spanish conversations going on around us. There have even been numerous times when […]

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Small Business Grants

Hey entrepreneurs! Have you ever looked into business grants to finance your ventures? No? Why not? You’re missing out on a huge opportunity!
There are many different financial assistance programs out there. These are the programs that are ready and willing to help out entrepreneurs and business owners right here in the United States.
Yes, it’s […]

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Left the Company

Contribution by Saul Martin
Thankfully for me, I left my old company just before the bottom fell out. I decided to start my own business, well, my own business of sorts, and finally become a writer like I had always wanted to be. It’s a hard life and nothing about it is stable but I’ve been […]

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Happy Monday!

It’s a little gloomy outside and we have some wet weather coming up this week, so it’s not so nice out there…but indoors, it’s another story. Sure…it’s still winter and that means cold and gloom at times where we live. But that doesn’t have to spread to our outlook, right?
We are coming up on some […]

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Boxing Day Details

Here in the US we don’t celebrate Boxing Day, although we hear bits and pieces about this funny little day around the holidays each year.
Boxing day has a long history. It used to be a day when wealthy people in the UK would give a box with a gift to their servants. Nowadays, it is […]

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Maternity Gowns

In all my pregnancies, I’ve never needed to go somewhere formal while wearing maternity. I like the maternity styles these days…there’s no more hiding the bump! It’s FLAUNT the bump!
I think it might be fun to go out maternity shopping for formal maternity dresses. There are many different styles, colors and cuts out there […]

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Electronic Cigarettes

I’m not a smoker and I can’t imagine being one…but I know there are many people who continue to engage in this activity.
It’s becoming more difficult to smoke in public. Many municipalities have ordinances that disallow smoking in restaurants, bars and basically any other public area. Many employers do not allow their employees to smoke […]

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Title Loans

I know times are tough for many people. We were skating along doing pretty well over the last year or two and then suddenly, finances have gotten REALLY tight for us, too. It’s definitely no fun, is it?
One option to consider if you’re trying to make it from pay day to pay day might be […]

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