Growing Family

Have I mentioned that our family is growing again?

Lora and her hubby are happily expecting number three for their family at the end of June. Not the ideal season for baby hats, but little people can use a hat in any month of the year. They already have a girl (five in March) and a boy (he was three last October). Our tally for grandchildren is three girls and one boy…so I readily admit that I am SLIGHTLY partial to the idea of another grandson…but obviously we will be thrilled with whatever comes.

The big ultrasound is in early February, so we don’t have long to wait until we find out…as long as babe is feeling cooperative!

Hospitals always have a generous selection of newborn hats available for the new baby…but I’m particular. Many times, I’ve brought along my own hat for a new little one…one that I’ve made myself or purchased especially for the new little head. I would especially a knit baby hat, so I think this new baby might like one, too! What could be better than a first hat from Grandma?

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