How Do You Feel Safe at Home?

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Are there things that you do in your home to make sure that your family feels safe? Any good parent’s main goal is to make sure that their children are healthy and happy and feel safe in their own home. I have found that there are certain things that I do that make me feel better about being at home with my kids and without my husband when he is traveling. First of all I always make sure the deadbolts are locked and that the flood lights on the corners of my house are turned on at night. The other thing that I do is to set my adt security alarm when I get home from work in the evenings. After it gets dark I start to feel a little uneasy so I set my alarm while we are in the house. This way if anyone opened a door or window I would know about it and the alarm would go off. My oldest child knows not to ever open the doors unless we say it is ok but he has set off the alarm just once. Scared me to death!

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