Kalahari in January

We’ve been talking about going up to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells for years and this year we finally decided to JUST.DO.IT. Last Sunday, we packed up the kids and a ton of food and headed out to enjoy one night and two days of playing and splashing in the warmth of the indoor water park slash indoor theme park.

It’s no small undertaking to do something like this with seven kids…ya know? We dragged Daniel and Jessica and little ones along, too, for a grand total of 13 in our party.

They did have FUN, though. The waterpark is big enough to keep big kids busy, also providing splashing fun for little people, too. They visited the waterpark twice — once on Sunday and again Monday morning before we checked out.

The indoor theme park has an indoor ferris wheel, go karts, laser tag, a golf course, a merry-go-round, a climbing wall and a rope obstacle course. There was something for everyone there, too.

We arrived home Monday evening just in time for Sarah’s ballet class.

Unfortunately, we brought a stomach flu home with us, though! Isaiah, Michael, Ruthie and Sarah all got sick overnight Monday into Tuesday. They were all down for Tuesday and Wednesday. Leonard got sick Tuesday night and I caught it Wednesday night. Unbelievably, Rachel, Abby and David never did catch it! Go figure that!

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