Back in Business

It’s been a long two weeks — did you miss me and all my fun posts about ProFlowers wedding gift ideas? It’s a long story, but I almost lost all of my websites when I decided to do some file uploading manually. In the process, I deleted some important files and one thing led to another. I am now all back in business and in the process I have a brand new web host, too.

It’s been an expensive lesson, but I learned some important things.

NUMBER ONE: BACK UP. I can’t say this enough. Really…BACK UP!

And 2: Your web host is important. I always knew the company I was using wasn’t the greatest, but this really drove home how lacking they were. I’m all set up on HostGator now and very happy.

And 3: Have a techie guy you can trust. I met a whiz several years ago, and this is the third time he has resurrected my websites from the grave. Magnus is the GREATEST!

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