Winter Solstice

Wow — how can we be only days away from winter solstice already? In less than one week we’ll be at the shortest day of the year — the longest night of the year. Then we get to turn the corner back onto the upturn again. That always feels good, huh?
After just getting through a […]

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Titanium Rings

I’ve been learning about titanium rings from my son and daughter in law. When they were married almost two years ago, they chose titanium rings instead of standard yellow or white gold. I have to say, I would never have thought about doing this, but titanium is surprisingly affordable and it’s also exceedingly durable. Both […]

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Dressing Little Girls

Gotta admit…dressing little girls is just plain FUN! My mind always turns to tights when it starts getting chilly. I don’t know about you, but my little people don’t like keeping socks or slippers on and it drives me insane to see bare feet running around in December. Problem solver? Tights! I just ordered Rachel […]

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Rachel’s Laundry Folding

I’ve noticed that Rachel has a love of hats. So much so, in fact, that she’s willing to improvise just to find something to put on her head. Often if she’s upstairs “helping” the kids fold laundry, she’ll come down with someone’s clean underwear on her head. She seems partial to Isaiah’s Spidey undies or […]

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Winter Gear

As I was getting out the winter gear a few weeks ago, it was nice to see all of the kids’ nice down jackets. I splurged last year and bought four of them new coats, which…miraculously…still fit them this year! Yay! I did have to buy a coat for Rachel and I may need to […]

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Happy December!

Brrrrrrrr — it sure feels like December, even if we don’t have snow yet. We are starting our first round of sniffles in the house, too…so winter is at our doorstep.
I’m buried up to my eyeballs in school and work — no time to worry about anything, let alone flexible metal hoses.
I’m feeling […]

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