Outdoor Furnishings

I love the look of Adirondack chairs in an outside space. A deck or patio furnished with attractive and comfortable furniture like these wood chairs is a beautiful and high-quality outdoor space.

Of course, it’s always nice to browse through various Picnic Tables to find a nice one that will seat the whole family outdoors for those impromptu summer meals outdoors. We do not have a picnic table right now — instead we have patio tables, chairs and an umbrella.

This last summer, we added a new bench to our backyard. My dad actually made this bench himself. It’s a simple design, yet it fits in just perfectly. Along with the bench Daniel made several years ago, the Park Benches in our backyard provide ample and comfortable seating.

As for playground equipment, well, as you might imagine…we have a fair share of this in our yard also. Hubby and my dad made our swing set years ago back when the kids were really little. It’s continued to serve the kids through the years and still works well for swinging and sliding.

Have I tempted you yet? Go have fun shopping for all the different outdoor furnishings!

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