Dentistry Woes

I’ve been watching my kids’ teeth with anxious curiosity. You see…we do not have dental insurance that includes orthodontia…so kids needing braces is enough to send me into a panic.

A couple of years ago, David had a weird situation where one of his eye teeth never fell out and the adult tooth began coming in over the baby tooth. We had the baby tooth pulled and happily, the adult tooth is coming down and moving all of his teeth pretty nicely. I was surprised!

The more I look at Michael and Sarah’s teeth, the happier I get, too. It looks like we lucked out with them and their teeth are moving really nicely into place.

Ruthie — now 10 — will be the next one that I watch carefully. We’ve always had trouble with her teeth, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that trend continues.

Oh, to be close to San Antonio Orthodontists. Obviously, we couldn’t be further away…so I’m left dealing with the dentist we have up here. He’s not my favorite guy — always rubbed me the wrong way. Why does dentistry have to be so difficult!!?!

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