Snuggling In

What a dreary day. I know…November tends to be a gray month. I need sun, though! Regularly…or I start to suffer.

Right now, it’s cold and it’s raining. I’ve got all the lights on and candles lit. It’s toasty inside…but I can’t help but feel dreary like the weather.

This is the time of year when I pull out the wool socks, warm underwear, heavy quilts and flannel robes. Nope…no plus size lingerie for me. It would be a tad too big on me…but I need my tootsies covered in bed! Even with the electric blanket! Actually, truth be told, I’m not even a lingerie person when the weather is warm. When it warms up, you’ll find me in t-shirts and boy shorts in bed, not anything slinky…sorry hubs!

Anyway…how do you keep warm in the winter? Are you one of those girls who snuggles between the sheets looking gorgeous in lingerie or do you go for comfort instead? I wish I could handle prettifying myself with lingerie. If I could, I’d definitely do some damage with shopping it up at a few websites. Oh well…probably best that I save us a little money, anyway.

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