Growing Tall Sons

I was looking at one of the family shots that we had taken last summer with the whole gang the other day. In the center back is our second son, David, who will turn 18 in February. To David’s left is Dad…who to my surprise…is shorter than David by about 2 inches in the picture. I always had my hunches that David would end up being the tall man in the family. Of course, Michael and Isaiah may still give him a run for his money.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m buying big and tall jeans for teenagers before all is said and done. Where do they get these genes? Seriously! People on my side of the family are average at best. My dad is 5’10” and I don’t think I have a single uncle that is 6 feet tall. On hubby’s side, I believe his Dad might have been slightly taller than he is (6 feet even), but I’m not sure.

David is just about to start basketball season, which he is looking forward to. His size 11 Nike’s just came in the mail yesterday! Yikes!

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