Big and Tall Teenagers

I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing. My mom sent me an old picture last week that was taken back when we only had four kids — Lora, Daniel, David and Sarah was a baby. The photograph is actually one of me with my cousins, my grandpa and the kids that was taken about 13 years ago. We have added five kids since that picture was taken! Wow!

Keeping up with all of the growth of these kids is a full time job, too. Thankfully, I’m not needing to buy them plus size lingerie, but it certainly feels like they are going through just about every other wardrobe separate possible! Oh, if you are wondering, no…I don’t need plus size lingerie yet, either…

Have I ever mentioned my closet? Anyone who knows me well, knows about this closet. It is actually a closet under the stairs and it is full to the brim with big bins full of clothes. I have the clothes sorted into gender and age groups. When kids outgrow one size, I have to dig into the closet to find the bin that holds the next size up of clothing. I hate that closet!

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