Fall Clean Up

We just recently finished our annual fall cleaning. Yep…you heard me right. Along with annual spring cleaning, we also do annual fall cleaning. After a summer of activity with the entire family traipsing in and out of the house constantly, you might be amazed how dirty a house can get. So…we do most of the […]

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Thanksgiving Past

Well, Thanksgiving 2011 is now another Thanksgiving Past…another one for the memory books. It was a lovely one…one of the best, I’d say. We had 21 in attendance, eight of them 10 and under. Yes…it was lovely and LIVELY! But a good lively. We managed to seat everyone at three different tables…I wish we had […]

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Outdoor Furnishings

I love the look of Adirondack chairs in an outside space. A deck or patio furnished with attractive and comfortable furniture like these wood chairs is a beautiful and high-quality outdoor space.
Of course, it’s always nice to browse through various Picnic Tables to find a nice one that will seat the whole family outdoors […]

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Dentistry Woes

I’ve been watching my kids’ teeth with anxious curiosity. You see…we do not have dental insurance that includes orthodontia…so kids needing braces is enough to send me into a panic.
A couple of years ago, David had a weird situation where one of his eye teeth never fell out and the adult tooth began coming […]

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Snuggling In

What a dreary day. I know…November tends to be a gray month. I need sun, though! Regularly…or I start to suffer.
Right now, it’s cold and it’s raining. I’ve got all the lights on and candles lit. It’s toasty inside…but I can’t help but feel dreary like the weather.
This is the time of year when I […]

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Approaching Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…it’s all about abundance, isn’t it? Overeating and overindulging is the norm. It is also about appreciating and being thankful for our blessings. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful for our HEALTHY blessings. I’m thankful for the ability to feed my family healthy and wholesome food. I like the fact that I can […]

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Gift Baskets

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to think about hostess gifts. Everyone enjoys special gourmet gift baskets stuffed full of yummy treats. If you are heading out to enjoy good food and special times with family, consider taking along something for the hostess.
And no…this isn’t a hint, any family who may be reading. In […]

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Eyelash Enhancers.

My kids have amazing eyelashes. I know…that’s kind of a weird statement, but it’s true. I’ll also tell you something else a little weird…they didn’t get their eyelashes from me. Nope, they got their awesome eyelashes from their dad. Yep…none other than hubsters, himself. He’s also got amazing eyelashes.
It’s totally not fair. Among most […]

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Growing Tall Sons

I was looking at one of the family shots that we had taken last summer with the whole gang the other day. In the center back is our second son, David, who will turn 18 in February. To David’s left is Dad…who to my surprise…is shorter than David by about 2 inches in the picture. […]

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Big and Tall Teenagers

I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing. My mom sent me an old picture last week that was taken back when we only had four kids — Lora, Daniel, David and Sarah was a baby. The photograph is actually one of me with my cousins, my grandpa and the kids that was taken […]

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