Scrapbooking Inspiration

I haven’t scrapbooked in a long time. That is not to say that I don’t have anything to scrapbook about. Quite on the contrary…I have an overabundance of material…just short on time and inclination, I guess.
I do love looking through various free scrapbook templates…I get tons of ideas and inspiration for layouts I would love […]

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Plus Size Clothing

Any plus sized women out there looking for plus size clothing? I know…shopping can be a challenge when you don’t fit the stereotypical sizes of runway models. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look beautiful and feel feminine, though.
Have a successful shopping trip when you are shopping for plus size clothing by checking out this […]

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Final Countdown and…

Yup…you read right.
We went shopping yesterday and the kids unloaded frozen items into the standalone freezer in the basement yesterday afternoon.
Can you guess the rest? Think the worst and you’re right about there…
Yup…they left the door ajar…
For almost 24 hours…
We’ve been enjoying Indian summer temperatures lately with highs in the 80’s and low’s in the […]

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Realty Service Companies

Retail property sales and leasing is really tanking in my community. I was having my hair cut last week and I was talking with the lady who cuts my hair. She owns the building that houses her salon with the other half being a retail space that she tries to lease out. She was so […]

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When you need a Certified Public Accountant firm that you can count on, you may spend a little time scouring all of the available accounting firm in New York City to find the one that will serve your needs.
This is no small matter. I do not know from personal experience, but I would expect […]

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Raising Geeks

I’m raising a bunch of Geeks! No surprise there, right?
Every single one of them…I tell you…
It’s amazing how quickly they catch on to technology. Even 15 month old Rachel climbs up and tries to figure out how to make the laptop work. It’s scary, I tell you!
It’s also nice knowing I can count […]

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Fall Cleaning

When it comes time to close up the house for the winter, I always tend to think along the lines of fall cleaning. I know…you’re thinking…”it’s spring cleaning…” BUT…listen…I have my reasons. All summer long we had the house open and breezes were blowing through the windows. On those breezes were a host of […]

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Time For Flannels

I dragged out the flannel sheets and wool quilt yesterday and put them on the bed. It seems hard to believe that we are at this point already. Where did summer go? Fall is in full swing and it’s time to get out warm and cozy things.
I’m really not one to wear
sexy lingerie. […]

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Discount Medical Plans

Looking for discount dental or discount medical plans? This is an effective alternative to standard insurance plans, putting a dental plan in reach of many people.
Listen to this:
You can have dental, vision, prescription and even chiropractic services included in the program. An individual dental package is $14.95 per month and a family plan is […]

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Feast Countdown

We are in the final countdown before we leave for the Feast. This year, we are diverting from our typical routine of driving to the southwestern corner of the country and it looks like we will be driving to Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s a shorter drive, so this works for me. We will actually cut […]

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