Fly Ash Information

Do you think much about fly ash handling? No? Me neither…but I did a little research and learned something tonight!

Fly ash is created by burning finely ground coal in a boiler — this process produces electricity. Fly Ask is then removed from the plant by electrostatic precipitators. Fly ash is usually light colored and it is made up of small glassy spheres. Compare fly ash to talcum powder.

Fly ash is a siliceous material. When fly ash is mixed with water, it turns into a cement-like product. Fly ash is useful in cement and concrete applications. Fly ash is also ideal as a mineral filler in hot mix asphalt applications. Additionally, fly ash can improve the fluidity of grout.

The United Conveyor Corporation is a worldwide leader in ash handling systems, serving the power generation industry. Since 1920, UCC has led the way and set the pace for material handling technology. UCC’s technological advances has been instrumental in helping to improve power plant performance around the world. Not only this, but UCC offers an extensive inventory of replacement parts to minimize plant production and downtime and reduce costs. Find the replacement parts you need, likely in stock and ready to ship the next day.

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