Cancer Awareness

When you have loved ones — friends or family — who are or have suffered from cancer, I assume that the feeling of helplessness and fear can be overwhelming. My family has not been touched significantly by cancer in the way that some families have, but we have had a scare or two over the years. I feel very blessed to enjoy all of my precious ones around me and I do not take a single one of them for granted EVER.

If you want to raise awareness or shout your support for a specific cause, those cancer awareness ribbons are an effective means of accomplishing this goal. There are bracelets, pins and lanyards that you can choose to spread the word about the illness you hate.

The universal cancer color is lavender, which makes an eye-catching pin, lanyard or bracelet. By raising cancer awareness with various ribbons and other items, you help support cancer research, raise funds and support loved ones as they fight this terrible disease. Find an item you’d be proud to wear and make sure you’ve got it on when you go out and about!

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