Singing With Nuns on Broadway

Guest post written by Alexis Burton

One of the things that I kind of worried about when I was doing my research on Broadway plays was finding one that would be family friendly to take my small kids to. I’ve gone to several Broadway plays before and I’ve always been surprised about how they freely curse in them and have innuendos. Well, I don’t really want my kids to hear that so I decided to do some extra research on that before we took our trip to New York City.

When I was online looking up info on family friendly shows, I ran across the site After I looked through it some I decided to go and get a hearing test to see if I need hearing aids, which I found out that I do.

I found a short list of family friendly plays. But choosing to go to a show with discount tickets available also made the list a whole lot shorter. Out of that, we decided to go and see Sister Act. I think that the kids really loved it, despite not knowing the movie as a reference like I do.

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