Enjoying the Kitchen

I’ve been enjoying the kitchen in the rental house we’ve been staying in for the past week and a half. It’s not too flashy or glitzy, but it does have some bold colors, a nice tile floor and granite countertops. It also has a deep porcelain sink, which I think is cool.

The kitchen does not have any backsplash tile, but if this was my kitchen, I would definitely add some. The owners went to the trouble of choosing interesting paint for the walls…you would think they would add a coordinating backsplash that would really set off the kitchen.

I would add something in bold geometrics with fun colors that tie into the walls and the countertops. Because the kitchen has a European feel, I would continue this trend in the tiles to round out the entire feel of the room.

In my own kitchen at home, we need lots more than just a new backsplash. I would dearly love to redo the countertops and cupboards…we’ll have to save that for some time when we have tens of thousands of dollars that we don’t know what to do with, though.

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