Fly Ash Information

Do you think much about fly ash handling? No? Me neither…but I did a little research and learned something tonight!
Fly ash is created by burning finely ground coal in a boiler — this process produces electricity. Fly Ask is then removed from the plant by electrostatic precipitators. Fly ash is usually light colored and it […]

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Kids Printing Projects

Kids love to print things. Have you noticed this? Give a kid a computer and a little time and they will ALWAYS find something to print. You think you have enough ink cartridges but then the kids get ahold of your computer and printer and pretty soon you’re seeing empty warnings. Printers are cheap, but […]

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Cancer Awareness

When you have loved ones — friends or family — who are or have suffered from cancer, I assume that the feeling of helplessness and fear can be overwhelming. My family has not been touched significantly by cancer in the way that some families have, but we have had a scare or two over the […]

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Edmonton Renters

Any Edmonton readers? Maybe a long-shot, but if you are looking for
apartments for rent in Edmonton, here’s some information that might help you find your dream home.
I’ve never been to Canada, but I’m sure it’s beautiful. I’d rather time my visit to summer than winter, though, for obvious reasons. If you know me, you know […]

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Teething Trials

Poor Rachel…she is getting her first molars and is miserable. She has the added discomfort of recovering from a cold that she caught last week. Between the cough and her sore gums, she is one unhappy little person.
You know what this means, right? Yep…if baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! We are all doing our […]

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Singing With Nuns on Broadway

Guest post written by Alexis Burton
One of the things that I kind of worried about when I was doing my research on Broadway plays was finding one that would be family friendly to take my small kids to. I’ve gone to several Broadway plays before and I’ve always been surprised about […]

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Enjoying the Kitchen

I’ve been enjoying the kitchen in the rental house we’ve been staying in for the past week and a half. It’s not too flashy or glitzy, but it does have some bold colors, a nice tile floor and granite countertops. It also has a deep porcelain sink, which I think is cool.
The kitchen does not […]

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Time to Cut Costs

It’s been nice in this house — it’s beautifully furnished and we’ve been able to take a little break from harping at kids to turn off lights and such. At home, we have them pretty well trained to turn off lights when they leave rooms. I don’t know what electricity costs in this house, but […]

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Hanging In There

It’s been nice to step away from the computer for the past week. The timing of this vacation was very appropriate for several reasons. One of my biggest clients has been restructuring their assignment pool and many writers are finding it difficult to continue to find work with them. I’m fortunate in that I have […]

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Greetings from Arkansas

Yes, we made it to Arkansas. In fact, we’ve been here for a little over a week now and have been enjoying the beautiful accommodations here in Hot Springs. We rented a three-bedroom house…beautifully furnished and nicely located. Perfect for our needs!
There are lots of touristy things to do in this beautiful city. I haven’t […]

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