Help for Law School Students

My dad is a lawyer, so he may appreciate this post. I happened upon a website created by lawyer when he was in law school. It seems that law students have case studies assigned to them during law school. Unfortunately, this case study reading is difficult because you often cannot find the required reading easily.

That lead the lawyer to create a website that contains a collection of case summaries and lecture videos all in one place for your ease in using.

This doesn’t mean much to me, but you can find studies including Pennoyer v. Neff and other case studies and videos.

The website organizes everything, including Pennoyer v. Neff, by easy-to-use headings such as “casebooks,” “videos,” “most popular” and “new” to make it even easier to find what you want.

I know if I were a student…especially a busy law student, I would appreciate finding everything I need to read in one central location. With a subscription, you can sign in, find, read, view and manage everything you need to complete your assignments for school. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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