Payday Loans

So many people are hurting and having a hard time making their paychecks stretch from payday to payday. Although I cringe a little at the idea, if worse comes to worse, don’t forget about payday loans if you find yourself in a real pinch.
Folks living in Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin […]

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Summer Has Finally Arrived

Guest Post by Mike Sims
It’s finally here… Summer that is! When it’s hot outside, people like to be outside and enjoy summer. Some of the popular summer activities include: Going to the beach, relaxing by the poolside and hanging out with friends and family. With all these fun filled activities you will need the proper […]

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When You Want Kids to Help in the Kitchen…

Note to self (and don’t ever forget this again!):
When you have a big project in the kitchen and desperately need to get everyone involved, get out the…
Yep…that’s right…
We had about two bushels of apples that needed peeling, coring and slicing today. Try as I might, I could not drum up the excitement that I needed […]

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